Dragon’s Prophet reveals new details of its housing system

Infernum has revealed some new details for the housing system of its upcoming action MMORPG, Dragon's Prophet. The game is going to give to the players the opportunity to build their own villages upon floating islands that fill the skies, where they can build and customize their very own homes. Guilds will also be able to create real guild villages by securing neighbouring plots for their members. There are different islands sizes and this will directly affect the number of plots available, which plays an important role in guild battles.

Players can build several types of houses and completely customize them with furnitures, some of them being exclusive trophies obtainable by killing bosses. There will be a rent to pay in order to keep your houses in your plot, but you can always relocate somewhere else. You can also show your house to other players and visit your neighbors' ones, and if you trust someone enough, you can give him/her the permission to access your house and certain inventory, rearrange the furniture and use the facilities at will.

Remember that you can take a Closed Beta Key of the game right HERE.

Source of information: Infernum press release

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