Dragonica’s newest update: Paris strikes back

Dragonica will introduce a wealth of eagerly awaited new content through the biggest content update to the game yet, scheduled for June 2010. Dragonica's Paris Strikes Back features exciting new content for all players but also reworked Quests, Maps and Classes, designed to provide fresh challenges to new and existing players.

The level cap will be raised to level 70 and a fourth job, containing eight brand new classes, will be unlocked, allowing users to access more challenging and exciting dungeons and quests than ever before. The experience reward system and leveling speed is also receiving an overhaul, enhancing the user’s game experience through faster level ups and an even faster leveling speed for 2nd, 3rd and 4th characters.

This huge expansion will also make available new dungeon modes allowing users to work together in much larger groups, in particular in the Van Cliff and Drakos dungeons, which will have tougher elite monsters on each floor and several stronger and more enhanced monsters throughout. Players will need to use all of their most powerful and newly learned skills to ward off the toughened fiends of Dragonica.

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