Dragonica: new server and dungeon

THQ Inc. and THQ*ICE LLC, the recently launched joint venture between THQ and ICE Entertainment focusing on free-to-play online games, today launched Dekard, the brand new game server for the critically acclaimed, free-to-play MMO Dragonica Online. THQ*ICE welcomes players of all free-to-play MMO games to experience the best 3D side-scrolling game of the year in the new server.

Dekard provides Dragonica Online players a fresh start to begin their journeys anew with friends. To commemorate the launch of the new server there will be several special in-game events including experience boosts, gifts, races and new missions. In addition, new users that register during the launch of the new server will be automatically entered into the Dragonica Online Water Series Game Card Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $2,500 Best Buy gift card and limited edition Dragonica Online Water Series Game Cards loaded with ICE Cash.

THQ*ICE also announced today the launch of a new Dragonica Online high-level dungeon – the Van Cliff Mansion! Vampirism is plaguing the land and a sense of dark magic is seeping from an old, elegant mansion. That mansion belongs to Count Van Cliff, and Dragonica Online needs adventurers courageous enough to travel through pitch-black prisons, treacherous libraries, and poisonous botanical gardens to reach Count Van Cliff himself. If you survive the journey and the showdown with the Count, lavish jewelry and untold riches are there for your looting pleasure!

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