Dragonica launches a new dungeon

Dragonica is proud to announce the reopening of the much-anticipated dungeon for all high level players of the level ranges 53 to 70 – the Drakos Tower.

On March 4th 2010, the European versions of Dragonica will launch Drakos Tower, a totally revamped and exciting dungeon full of new challenges. Previously, only three floors were accessible; the new dungeon has over 20 floors that players can explore and a brand new crafting system.. For players who have not reached the required level yet, all European versions are also running a massive EXP event for the days leading up to the update, where players can earn up to double the normal EXP rate.

With monsters from Level 53 and three newly redesigned boss monsters, Drakos Tower offers a full range of exciting challenges for the heroes of Dragotaka. Players can dive into the dark history of Dragonica’s past. The tower, originally the prison of the dark Dragonlord Elga, was long forgotten. Dark secrets and myths surrounded it and no one dared to go inside. Now, the adventurers of Dragonica can measure their strength against three new boss monsters: a terrifying half-robot, half-human creature, a spider crab and a winged demon.

Read here all you need to know about Dragonica. And visit its official website.

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