Dragonica has released the first part of Cassiopeia

Webzen has launched today the first part of Cassiopeia, a major expansion for Dragonica which brings a total of 5 new dungeons to the game. The second part of  Cassiopeia will be released later this summer.

Each of the five new dungeons will only be opened on one specific day of each week, and will allow players to obtain a ticket for one of the 5 dungeonswhich will arrive in the second, summer stage update. On these days players can begin earning the tickets necessary for the final eleventh dungeon, Ophiuchus.The dungeons will be available in normal, rare and hero mode, respectively for players of levels up to level 59, up to level 69 and from level 70.

Drnica RW2

Additionally, the expansion will implement rebalanced classes along with a new launcher and installer which will provide more improvements.

Drnica RW1 Drnica RW3

Source of information: Webzen press release

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