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Early September we introduced to you Tales of the Damned, the new expansion of Dragonica. Now, we bring to you new information about the new maps and areas that will be available to players.

Deep inside Dragotaka are two brand new areas. The Van Cliff dungeon builds on the new content introduced during the Kundara update in August and is available to level 60 players. Featuring a creepy manor packed with danger around every corner, players will have to fight through three elite bosses before facing down the giant Bone Dragon. This challenging area pits players against a wide variety of new monsters as they uncover the mystery behind the corruption of the deranged Dr. Farrell. The Van Cliff dungeon will be available when the Tales of the Damned expansion goes live this October.


Within a few weeks, Drakos’ Tower, a massive new area that players will be familiar with from the game’s introduction, will be unlocked. It served as a fortified tower used to imprison the evil Dragon Lord Elga, until the witch Paris broke in and freed him to cause mayhem across the land. This challenging new maps feature a treacherous and very large multi-level dungeon filled with traps, mazes, environmental puzzles and jumps. It will also introduce several new camera views, as well as brand new armour sets for players to earn. Every five levels, players will be faced with one of three tough new boss monsters; Gaiden, the furious half-monster, half-robot, a terrifying winged demon, and a horrifying spider crab. The update also introduces a wide variety of new regular and hero quests, as well as several new field maps and mission maps.

These new maps are just part of the many new features being introduced by the “Tales of the Damned” expansion to European versions of Dragonica. In addition to these new maps, controller support, the new Emporia Tournament system for Guilds, an increase in the level cap to 65, the eagerly anticipated pets system and a revised mission scoring system will be introduced. As with all gPotato.eu games, this and future updates are all available completely free of charge, and will be delivered by a patch during October.


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