Dragonica: april events

To gear up for AprilDragonica Online has announced enough events and activities to fill an Easter basket.

From April 4 through April 25, THQ*ICE will be running a special promotion for the new $10 Dragonica Online Earth Series Game Cards. When players redeem a $10 Earth Series Game Card (available for purchase in GameStop in the U.S. and various retailers in Canada), they will receive a special Orange Wreath that is usually available only for those redeeming a $25 Earth Series Game Card. In addition to receiving the Orange Wreath, gamers that redeem the Cards during the promotion will get three 30% Experience Potions that last 20 minutes each.

Additional events taking place this month include:

Each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – Quiz Time: The long awaited return of the OX Quiz! Now occurring three times a week at 5 p.m. Pacific, the quiz has three questions, each worth a Gada Coin for the chance to earn up to nine Gada Coins each week.

Every Tuesday in April – EXP Boost: From 4-8 p.m. Pacific, we will be boosting EXP rate to +50%.

April 2nd - 4th: Catch That Bunny: Spot the dancing GM player in a bunny outfit to receive special prizes.

April 8th – April 22nd – PvP Battle Royale: Players that earn Accomplishments related to winning PvP matches will earn a special prize.

April 13th – April 19th – Tax Rebate Sale: Special reduced prices to spend your tax rebate on.

April 15th – Tax Day Gold Increase: To celebrate tax day, we will double the gold amount for killing monsters all day.

April 22nd – April 25th: Earth Day +40% EXP Boost.

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