Dragon Saga has launched the Dragonkin Combo Skill update

Gravity Interactive has launched the Dragonkin Combo Skill update for its mystical MMORPG, Dragon Saga. This update is part of a massive expansion that will progress throughout the year as part of the game's Legendary Update that comes with new reward items and special events.

The new Dragonkin Combo Skill update brings spellbinding action into play with combo skills added to both Twin fighter and Shaman classes, and what's more, the new combo skills are unsealed as characters level up (Lv. 1, 20, 30, 40).

"It's an exciting time for Dragon Saga as it undergoes this major expansion, and we're excited to release this next patch", said Vince Kim, Dragon Saga Producer at Gravity Interactive. "We encourage all players to be on the lookout for all that is to come this summer from Dragon Saga."

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