Dragon Oath: Zion beta server

Dragon oath - screenshot + logo

Dragon Oath Closed Beta server “Zion” will launch on September 24th to all players who have received and activated Dragon oath Closed Beta Keys.  We highly encourage all players to visit our websites and secure their keys from over 15 media partners!  There will be “no deletion” of characters after Closed Beta, and the most dynamic and unique feature system of all, “24/7 automated In-Game Event System” will be launched as the world of “Zion” begins!  Along with other great features, this unique system that Dragon Oath has will bring all players into a new world that nobody has ever experienced.

You can get a closed beta Dragon Oath key visiting this link. We are offering 2000 more keys.


Dragon Oath is the debut Free-to-Play MMORPG from MMORPG publisher ChangYou.com (US) Inc.  Based on the story of one of the most popular Chinese novel “Tian Long Ba Bu,”  Dragon Oath is one of the first community and team play oriented MMORPG with the 24/7 event system, 9 distinctively different classes in terms of skills, abilities and appearances, countless available pets and mounts, fast-paced combat system, unique player shop system and more additional unique features.  With the ancient oriental fantasy being the setting of the background, the combination of the adventure, action, community and special features will guide you to experience the world that you have never experienced before.

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