Dragon Nest NA Unveils the Arch Heretic Class

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Eyedentity Games, an online PC game developer and publisher of Dragon nest NA (North America and Oceania) is gearing up to announce about new character release in Dragon Nest which is huge one. World of Altea is rekindling the fire with advanced Cleric-side descendant, Arch Heretic.

Arch Heretic is the most powerful and aggressive descendant of cleric’s family who pursues a stronger force and destroys everything by the purpose of god’s judgment. He is characterized by strong power and fast speed, using 26 different skills such as 'Slow Blade', 'Carnie'.

There's even more to this update, including redesigned heroes, a ton of balance changes, and other improvements. "This new cleric character will make the game feel far much more epic than what it was originally intended to be at the first place. We proudly reveal a new journey with Arc Heretic with his brand new action skill combos”. Eyedentity games head of business Victor Kwon added.

This update is not being hold in bondage of in-game changer but is beyond infra-structure side. New reliable full installer with up-to-date re-design is also being provided with Arch Heretic. Either new comer or players who want to clean up install shield of full client, this would be the time for their clean start for the journey of Dragon Nest.



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