Dragon Nest Europe receives a major content update

eFusion has released a major content update for Dragon Nest Europe, that brings a huge variety of improvements and new features and also promises to eliminate some of the most criticized points of the game.

2013 08 08 Dragon Nest Europe - 1st Step to Academic and level 50-70 cap

These improvements are the first part of a series of updates, which will update the Academic class and that will rise the maximum level to 50, 60, and finally to 70. Among the more important improvements of this update we have:

  • Daily and weekly dungeons runs are not limited anymore.

  • Rebalanced skills which provide fairer fights between all the classes in PvP.

  • Additional changes to the user interface.

  • New match mode: The Combo Practice mode.

  • The dungeon Mare Oblivion includes a new hardcore mode, which will reward players with legendary gear.

  • A brand new swimwear collection is now available in Dragon Nest.

In addition the game is going to celebrate some special events during the summer time.

Source of information: eFusion press release.


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