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Shanda Games International Europe has just announced the addition of a brand new class to its fantasy MMORPG Dragon Nest EU: Kali.

Kali is the 6th class in the game and besides her captivating looks possesses magical skills that render her impressively versatile in combat and a dangerous and unpredictable opponent for her enemies. At level 15, she will become even more dangerous when either specialising as Screamer to improve her spirit summons or a Dancer to enhance her Chakram techniques. Upon reaching level 45, players are once again able to choose a specialisation: Screamers may become Soul Eaters or Dark Summoners, while Dancers may advance to Blade Dancers or Spirit Dancers.

Kali - Screamer Kali - Soul Eater

The new class also presents an interesting background: Born under the light of the Shadow Star, she was raised by her mentor at an isolated village to master the secret shamanistic powers of her ancestors. When Dragon Followers raided her home, destroying and killing each and every thing, she miraculously is the only survivor and heads off to protect Rose and fulfil the old prophecy that a saviour would arrive to lead Althea into an age of Peace and prosperity.

Source of information: Shanda Games press release.

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