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Dragon Eternity is a free-to-play browser-based fantasy MMORPG set in the beautiful yet harsh and dangerous world of Adan that can directly be played on any internet browser as well as on tablet, iOS, and Android. Players will experience its epic quest-based gameplay, exploring the huge map, slaying monsters and villains and engaging in intense combat against others.


The world of Adan is inhabited by sentient races and monsters, courageous heroes and merciless bandits, cunning wizards, and mighty dragons. The empires of Sadar and Vaalor are engaged in serious fights against each other for supremacy. But having a common enemy with the armies of the Dark Gods of Shaab that break into Adan from the mysterious Abyss, they’re forced to lay aside their differences from time to time in order to fight side by side.

Having chosen one of the two opposing empires, players will begin their journey in the War Academy, a famous place where the world's best hope is tempered - the fearless Dragon Knights who are equally well trained in combat techniques and the art of magic.


  • Cross-platform game for PC, tablet, iOS and Android

  • Epic quest-based gameplay with a huge variety of quests

  • Lots of PvE and PvP action

  • Unique combat system and a great diversity of strategies

  • Massive crafting and profession system

  • Mounts and dragon companions

  • Special events


There are two opposing empires fighting for supremacy in the world of Adan. Players will have to decide which faction to side with.

Sadar - The inhabitants of Sadar, the western empire of the continent of Tartu, are known for their integrity, austerity and warlike attitude.

Vaalor - Vaalor, the eastern empire of Tartu, is populated by a proud, reasonable people who highly value personal wealth.


There are three playable classes – Berserk, Paladin, and Witcher – in Dragon Eternity players may select from by equipping an item that belongs to a certain class. It’s also possible to switch between classes: you will only have to remove all your class-bound items and equip others belonging to another one.

Berserk - Berserks are warriors focusing on dealing as much damage as possible, without giving the enemy a chance to block or evade. They prefer heavy two-handed weapons such as hammers and axes. The Berserk's main characteristic is his intuition.

Paladin - Paladins prefer to fight in cold blood, considering their every move, which allows them to block enemy attacks and deprives the enemy of the ability to decrease received damage. They use a sword or a mace and a shield, maintaining a fine balance between attack and defence. The Paladin's main characteristic is stamina.

Witcher - Witchers are warriors capable of decreasing received damage and evading the most dangerous critical attacks. These skilled fighters rely on dexterity and use two swords or axes at once. The Witcher's main characteristic is will.


An equipment set is the most valuable of a warrior's belongings as it increases the character’s characteristics so that they can more successfully fight monsters and other players. There are different types of equipment available:

Grey - The first sets players can equip their character with are the Recruit and Warrior sets of the category “grey”, which are universal sets and can be combined with any class-bound items. They can be bought in the shop.

Green/ blue - Sets of the category "green" and "blue" are more advanced and are bound to one of the three classes. Players may only equip items from sets that belong to the same class. These items can be acquired as trophies by killing monsters or purchased from other players.

Violet/ orange/ red -  Equipment of the green and blue type can be upgraded using specific marks in order to receive gear of the category “violet”, “orange” and “red”. Those marks can be purchased from different shops or merchant when reaching a certain reputation level.


The schools of magic that are available to the player’s character depend on the chosen class. For each class exists a main school that is supplemented by two secondary schools.

Fire - The magic of fire is granted to warriors by grace of the Elder Dragon Fenir the Flamebringer, patron of the fire domain. Only Berserks have access to this school of magic.

Water - The magic of water is granted to warriors by grace of the Elder Dragon Midara the Mistress of Waters, patron of the water domain. Only Paladins and Witchers have access to this school of magic.

Earth - The magic of earth is granted to warriors by grace of the Elder Dragon Henor Stone Scales, patron of the earth domain. Only Witchers have access to this school of magic.

Air - The magic of air is granted to warriors by grace of the Elder Dragon Argos, Lord of the Storms, patron of the air domain. Only Berserks and Paladins have access to this school of magic.

Order - The magic of order is granted to warriors by grace of the Elder Dragon Yarist, the Guardian of Order, patron of the order domain. Only Paladins have access to this school of magic.

Chaos - The magic of chaos is granted to warriors by grace of the Elder Dragon Heyrona, the Daughter of Chaos, patron of the chaos domain. Only Berserks and Witchers have access to this school of magic.


In Dragon Eternity, players have the opportunity to receive a winged companion to assist them on their journey as well as in combat. Dragons have several different abilities, level up, which increases their combat characteristics, and can also be empowered by dragon equipment that can be either purchased or received as combat trophies. When dying in combat while the dragon is still alive, players can take control of it, thus continuing their participation in battle.

Some dragons also function as mounts grating additional benefits to their owners. They increase the maximum backpack capacity, absorb 1/3 of any damage inflicted by enemies and allow to attack with ranged weapons. To obtain a mount, players will first have to acquire a certain reputation level.


PvP takes place on several battlegrounds and arenas where players can compete in different modes for valour, experience, reputation, and rewards. There are different scenarios like duels, 4-vs-4 fights or King of the Hill. While on some battlegrounds such as the Arena of Honour players are divided into well-matched teams of attackers and defenders regardless of their faction, the sea battle modus is a faction-based one in which two teams of nine players from the same empire engage in. Combat is broken down into four phases: a land battle in the pirate stronghold, a cannon shootout against the enemy vessel, a preparation for boarding, and a final boarding phase.


Web browser + internet connection

Website: Dragon Eternity

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