Divina Closed Beta keys giveaway

Thanks to Gamania, we are giving away a thousand Closed beta keys for Divina. To get yours, follow the instructions below.

Please, note that players will not be able to redeem their beta key until the Closed Beta begins and Divina is listed in the beanfun! launcher (Divina’s Closed Beta starts Wednesday 5/16 @ 10:00AM PST).

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook.
Step 2. Add your email in the field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.
Step 3. Please download the beanfun launcher for Divina here.
* If you already have a beanfun! account, but have not played Divina before, please log in to your beanfun! account first, then enter the beta key once you click on Divina *
Step 4. Double click the beanfun! launcher icon on your desktop
Step 5. Select "Guest Login" from "Login Mode"
Step 6. Enter your guest login beta key in "Code", then login
Step 7. You will now see Divina in your beanfun! Launcher, select “Start Game”
Step 8. Your game account window will pop up, and you can edit the name as you wish. Click on PLAY to enter the game!
Step 9. After entering the game, you should upgrade your account to a beanfun for Divina! account so you can access all the other games from the same beanfun! account
Step 10. From there, you will be taken to the signup page to sign-up for a beanfun! account so you can enjoy all the games that beanfun! has to offer!


4 Comentarios de Divina Closed Beta keys giveaway

  1. adan

    thnx <3

  2. Jave

    Message I received after typing the key and pressing OK!
    ~The service has exceeded the maximum allowed accounts. WHY?

  3. admin

    Hi Jave, said that error stems from the player already having a Divina game account. If that person already used a beta key for the previous beta, then they can just use the previous one and don’t need to get a new beta key.

    MMOReviews.com team

  4. karasusama

    i want beta keys :<

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