Digimon Masters Online is celebrating some summer events

Joymax has announced today a variety of events for its popular MMO Digimon Masters Online. Through July 17th, the game is hosting a variety of hot summer festivities sure to cool the summer heat. Kicking off the fun is the Fruit of the Goddess Event that allows players who acquired any of the newly released Digimon to enter. Don't let summer boredom set-in instead stay connected and collect icy treats including giant growth fruit, ice flakes and strawberry ice flakes in this new "I like Ice Flakes" event. Once players have cooled off, they can participate in daily GM events including suppressing the Virus Icemons invading the real world.

In addition, the summer welcome back program is ready for return players. Players can log back in for a special gift basket including 50 million gold, a Mercenary Egg, an Evoluter and so much more.

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