Further Details on Tactical Battles in Tribal Wars 2

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InnoGames has just revealed further details on the battle tactics of their upcoming strategy sequel, Tribal Wars 2, and released a new trailer in this context, which not only explains the functionning of attacks but also showcases footage from the game's Android, iOS and browser versions.

As Tribal Wars 2 will primarily focus on PvP, players are encouraged to attack neighbouring settlements and conquer other player's villages, forcing the defeated person to start anew with another basic settlement at a different location in the game world.

In order to be successful in their invasions, players will not only have to manage the mere amount of troops and organise consecutive waves with exact timing, but also take care of their soldier's discipline, as noblemen and the discipline of attacking units is the key to succeed in overwhelming rival players' defences to conquer the settlements.

The academy is the location where to recruit noblemen that can be used in attacks to decrease another settlement's loyalty. When loyalty drops to 0, the village has been successfully conquered. Due to the fact that noblemen are very pricey to recruit, players should ensure through several exactly timed attack waves that all the village's defensive units have been destroyed before sending in any nobleman.


The more diciplined a player's troops are, the less their arrival at the target will be delayed, allowing the player to rely on their estimation for timing the successive waves. Discipline is considerably reduced by setting up attack forces consiting of too many different unit types. The game will furthermore provide advanced players with the opportunity to create several very specific attack presets.

Source of information: InnoGames press release.

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