Details on the Tales of Fantasy’s mystic wings

As the Closed Beta test of Tales of Fantasy is going as planned, it seems not only have players discovered the hidden benefits of the hot springs, they have also started to uncover the mysteries behind the mystic wings.
Ancient Ideologies With A New Concept
Insect wings are for balance, bird wings for freedom of flight – and those of angels are symbols of hope, and glory. With the recent craze over the movie Avatar, the very idea of riding one’s own beast and taking flight into the skies has become one of the hottest topics on the town. In Tales of Fantasy, we realize the importance attached to the very idea of having wings, and when we say it, we mean it.
A Sur prise
We had initially wanted to include wings in our beginner gift packs giveaways – but that would have been too easy, not to mention losing the uniqueness they represent. The real charm of these wings is in the struggle to get them – a simple commodity could never generate the same feelings! Suggestions of making them a quest reward, instance reward or even an event reward were tossed around – but the most creative of them all (and the one we ended up going with) was that of linking together players and their equipment. Based on that idea, we came up with the concept of having wings as a hidden effect achievable when equipment on a character fulfills a certain requirement. Not an easy task by any means, but not impossible to achieve either.
Beneath the Surface
Looks aside, what are the practical uses of wings? Well, we understand just how frustrating it can seem, when the rate of SP gain just doesn’t cut it. Apart from increased EXP and SP gains, the rate of item drops from killing monsters will also be increased.
How Players Can Get Wings
In developing the wings system, we have integrated it with the equipment refining and engraving systems to make it as much a part of the process as possible, without giving away the mystery of how they're made. As we've noticed, there are already quite a few players who have discovered the secret of the wings for themselves. But, if you aren't one of them, pay attention, because we're going to reveal how you can get them now.

Well, in essence, the way to actually acquire these wings is by activating any one of these 3 statuses – Soul Link [Alpha], Soul Link [Beta], or Soul Link [Omega]. Each of these have their own unique bonuses.

We have still closed beta keys. If you want to grab one, click over the image below.

Check here all you need to know about Tales of Fantasy. And visit its official website.

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