Details on the PvP system of TLBB

Changyou has now revealed a number of key features of the guild system and Player v. Player action of TLBB that allows gamers to battle each other with ancient Chinese weaponry in this mmo.


“The aim of the game is for players to experience the fighting capabilities that are largely helped by our PvP system. In the ‘World Competition’ for example, players of similar levels compete in a free-for-all style tournament. The last player standing is announced throughout the world and receives a handsome amount of money, and more! There have been some fantastic battles since the start of our Open Beta and we hope to see many more” said European Marketing Director Christian-Peter Heimbach.

The key to player’s survival is their willingness to get together as a team and develop what can only be described as an unstoppable force within the game. Teams possess the ability to declare war on other guilds, or three at a time, within the game and benefit from increased team ability and fame.

Check here all you need to know about TLBB. And visit its official website.

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