Details on Bounty Bay Online: Atlantis

Frogster is today releasing the first glimpses of two new regions which are to be released with the up-coming expansion ‘Atlantis’ on 22/09/2010 in Bounty Bay Online including new high-level instances.

New land has been sighted by players on their journeys on the seven seas with the fourth add-on to the seafaring game. The heavily forested Bimini Islands rise majestically out of the warm currents of the Caribbean and lure adventurers with their legendary secret – after much research it has been shown these islands are the most likely location for the once sunken city of Atlantis. Players will find deep in the verdant island labyrinth a hidden entrance to the mythical city guarded by aggressive and fearsome creatures.



Experienced players who enter the sunken city will soon learn that despite the impressive architecture and romantic submarine landscapes, this is a place where outsiders are not welcome. Sea monsters and violent natives lurk in the various regions, Atlaszon, Possedo Bay, and the Seabed Cave, lying in wait for unsuspecting visitors from the world above. But players also have other opportunities to prove their skills since the ‘King’s Tomb’ instance provides new challenges spread over two floors and available in two difficulty levels.

After having mastered the instance using the first difficulty setting players will be able to show their worth by completing the demanding two-level dungeon in elite mode as well. Even though the dungeon looks the same in both difficulty levels, the players battling through the instance on the more difficult setting will come across much fiercer and more numerous opponents. But no matter which difficulty level brave adventurers choose to tackle the instance on, they will all come face-to-face with the terrifying winged creature, ‘Atlans’, whose secrets must be brought into the light.

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