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Developed by Playzo GmbH for Internet web browsers.


Desert Operations is a free to play military Strategy Browser-based Game where you fight as the Ruler of a small country against thousand other players or make allies with them through clever diplomacy. Raise your influence on the world politics by creating alliances or making war declarations. Found alliances, so you and your allies can fight against your enemies. Trade with your allies and spy on your enemies.
You have many possibilities to create your country and defend yourself against hostile takeover.


There are four types of units: Ground, Air, Water and Defense.

Benefits: Cheap production, shorter production time, no oil consumption (except Navy Seals) and suitable for deception maneuvers.
Disadvantages: Bad Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis/Fixkosten, weak attack and defense value, if attacked by many weopons and can not defend themselves.

Armored vehicles
Advantages: Increased attack and defensive, average deployment times, balanced Value for money and stable fixed costs.
Disadvantages: Diesel consumption and attacked from the air.

Air units
Advantages: Low deployment time and high penetration.
Disadvantages: Average fixed cost and fuel consumption

Water units
Advantages: Huge punch and average fixed costs
Disadvantages: Expensive in research and purchasing, increased deployment time and diesel consumption

Advantages: No fixed costs and very strong.
Disadvantages: Protectable static, thus not from espionage and research expenditure is greater


The bank is the building where you save your income. With transferring the income on your bank account you earn Interest. This is very useful, because as more money is on the saving, the more money you have in the bank, the more money you get as interest. The interest will get calculated and paid daily. The interest is based upon the Commerce.

You have all the time access to the savings on your bank account you can deposit or make a payout at any time. The Interest is depending on the amount of Gold and Oil which is circulating in the commerce of the previous day.


There are different types of buildings: Producing buildings, Action buildings and Military buildings. Manufacturing building bring you Raw materials. They can be captured in an attack or lost(with the exception of the Ammunitions factories). Action buildings represent the different actions available, such as the start of an attack, or manage your bank account. The Military building you need to be able to produce these units.

All buildings cost money and time is extended for each building type. That is if you already have 10 skyscrapers take the 11th will take slightly longer than the 10.Just As the costs climb for the buildings with the amount as well.


In the Premium menu you can buy Diamonds and for example exchange them for better weather. To buy Diamonds, you have to "Go buy diamonds." There you will choose first from the payment options and then the Group. The entry of the Diamonds is immediately in your account after the payment is received.

- Productions will conclude immediately (Diamond = 1 for every 30 min)
- Exchange Commodities
- Buy Special Weapons
- Change The weather
- Change your Name
- Unlock the General


Internet connection and web browser.

Website: Desert Operations

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Desert Operations game

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9 Comentarios de Desert Operations

  1. Greg

    Really great game

  2. southway

    was een mooi spel tot de laatste update
    dit wordt het einde van DO
    dus geen geld in stoppen ben je gewoon kwijt

  3. John Q

    Be careful to join!
    Looki are NOT taking care of the players.
    Looki only care about the players to buy diamonds and do not care if Desert operation doesn´t work correctly.
    The game Desert operation is on many servers and many languages. On most servers Looki have upgraded the trade so that you can not buy at a low price and then sell at high prices. But NOT in the Swedish server, this means that new players are cheating and are being boosted by the older players with plenty in the bank. In this way, the new players have as much money as the players who played in maybe a year but not cheated.

    What are Looki doing about it? NOTHING!!!

    Looki have a useless support that only respond is “I Will Investigate the account. Thank you for reporting it to support”. And then they do nothing about it.

    The person responsible for the Swedish server at Looki is John Soberany (, doesn´t care. He knows about the problem but do nothing about it!

    One can wonder if John and his UK support also play desert Operation and in the alliances that are cheating….?

    Looki is a crappy company!

  4. lAVISH

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  5. mrpoor

    its good game

  6. lee summerlin

    I have been playing your Desert Operations and War Game 1942 on your U.S. servers for almost two years and for months your support for these servers has been almost non-existant. Over the last three months I have had a problem getting the building specials that have been offered to the entire server. I have been sending in tickets to support to get this resolved by fixing the issue or to compensate me for the issue to no avail. Yesterday I sent the message below to support and was banned. I broke no rules at all and expect to have my game unbanned imediately. Since I am a paying customer this is nothing less than theift and fraud on the part of Black Moon Games and looki if left unresolved.

    When I spend my hard earned money on a game such as this I expect thst that money is secureed by reasonable support efforts and to be treated fairly and equally to stay compettive within the game itself. When support fails the money that I have spent on the game is taken away through damages incured when the players I am competing with get an unfair advantage over me by getting specials that I do not get.

    Message to support:

    I would like to suggest to you that this get resolved quickly by unbanning my game, compensating me for money and time lost to these “bully” tactics used by Black Moon Games, and fixing your support system where things actually get resolved.
    This is the third building special in a row that has not worked for me. You guys have had three months to resolve this issue and as of yet you have chosen to do nothing about it. As of right now you owe me 1200 diamonds for the first 2 at 40% off and now you own me another 750 diamonds for this one that is 50% off bringing the grand total to 1950 diamonds. Plus further damages on not having the oil to sell from those builds. All of this will be part of the lawsuit I will be filing in one week if this is not resolved immediately.

    After reading about you and all you do I had pictured you as someone that prides himself on getting things done and doing the job right. However after playing here and seeing how you run things at Blackmoon Games I can tell you just how wrong I was in assuming you had something that resembled character. You should hang your head in shame!

    I will be putting my game on vacation mode tonight for a week because of all this build special fiasco so if you need to contact me feel free to give me a call at (404) 552-8825. If I return from vacation mode next week and all this has not been resolved I expect to file a lawsuit against Blackmoon Games, You, and CMEres by Friday September 6th. Clearly the suit against CMEres will be delayed until I get back her information from the Motion of discovery but it is coming none the less.

    It is sad that you have let it come to this but enough is enough. It is time for things to be set right with my money and time that you guys think is a joke. We will see how funny it is when a judge tells what is what. Then it will be my turn to laugh at you for a change.


    Lee Summerlin

    You may not care or like my message to support but this issue of “Nonsupport” has been going on for a very long time and not just with myself and my account. Everyone on this server has had ongoing issues with Black Moon Games not doing their job. The message to them was a last resort and if things are not changed imediately I will be left with no choice but to handle this in court. I will not be bullied or have my hard earned money stolen from me because you choose to hire a company to handle a job for you that they just will not do correctly or fairly.


    Lee Summerlin

  7. marcos

    Very bad

    It is good to waste time. You take months to begin to play and worst there is a idiot algorithm for battles in regards of use resource, forces and weapons you have.

    I saw ridiculous results in battles. Therefore it is a stupid game

  8. Luke

    After 2 years .. over **.***+ euros.. and many many experiences and successes…. I conclude that this game has died. There is no environment of which the players can strategize.. as updates are made that effect years of playing and render things pointless and useless. I believe over time they have destroyed this game. The support is incapable of providing logical or any kind of reasonable support. The players are ignored.. and their investments are voided by the actions or inactions of support. You can be robbed out of thoudsands of euros strategizing a blitzkrieg round.. and then by accidentally being blocked from account for 2 weeks during the round.. while having invested so much.. only to be told by support that you are not banned and can login… for weeks.. untill 2 weeks later “management” says. “O YA.. SORRY NOW WE SEE!”… OMG ;( … and then they blame me for it being blocked.. EVEN THOUGH I MADE MANY TICKETS STATING THE FACTS AND INCLUDING ACTUAL IMAGES AND VIDEOS OF THE PROBLEM!!.. THIS TOOK WEEKS AND RENDERED MY ENTIRE INVESTMENTS VOID.. and then only to get blamed and treated like a dead dog… the daily responses are just copy and pasted from support and they ask questions which have already been answered in your tickets etc. proving they do not take the time to read the tickets at support. (I can prove literally hundreds of instances of this.. as well as hundreds of identical answers) When people start leaving and their sales go down.. they make ridiculous attempts at making people spend with DIAS sales and events etc.. which even the players do not understand the logic of. This game is very very slow.. and you can spend “literally” years of building up.. and then losing it all after just 1 battle. The support does nothing about cheaters and has favorite players of whom are immune of geting punished by support.. There is no strategy involved in this game. The environment and the uselessness of their support system.. renders this game a very large mistake to even consider starting.. It is VERY BORING…. VERY EXPENSIVE TO GET ANYWHERE OR ANY KIND OF FUN OUT OF IT… an is just the worst support environment in the entire browser game industry. I have trouble understanding the logic of this scam.. and after so much passion and love for this game.. doing so much for it and providing it with many top players … only to be treated like this. my investments voided by their actions and miscommunications.. and then to be only blamed for their mistakes.. ???? is a very hurtfull feeling… I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU FIND A BETTER GAME!!.. THIS WILL ONLY END IN A BROKEN HEART AND AN EMPTY WALLET.. AND THERE IS NO FUN HERE.. it is much much too slow….. will take over 2 months just to get started.. and then over 2 years.. just to match the standard on the game and it’s environment is completely VOIDED of all strategy. YOU CANNOT STRATEGIZE ON THIS STRATEGY GAME. THIS GAME IS DEAD.


    Anyways… you will thank me later.. or just realize what I am saying.. when it is too late 😉


    Have a nice day 🙂

  9. Chadley445

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS GAME…. It is run by criminal and crooks. All of the Top players in each server are either Looki/Gamigo employees or investors. This is supposed to be a war game but you are unable to have wars because of the special weekly events that they enact that only benefit the top players in the game. Looki/Gamigo will also break and manipultae the rules for however they see fit and then Ban you for breaking them with no hearing and recourse to appeal your ban. Their solution is to send in a ticket to support. Let me tell you how that works, you send in a ticket that no one reads or does anything with until you ban is over with. They don’t even deny that the Top Players are Looki/gamigo employees or investors or that they manipulate the game to benefit them to hell with everyone else. There are much better games out there, don’t waste your time or money on this one that is run by crooks

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