Dekaron: massive update

GameHi, Inc.,  announces a key milestone and worldwide mega update to Dekaron, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, also known as 2Moons directed by David Perry, in North America.

This major update, Dekaron 6.5: It's a Good Day to Die, offers players a variety of new events and elements with the main focus around battle. Fans will now experience the new DK Square system, the Trans Up quest and the Land of the Dead map providing fans true balance and more depth for an overall complete gaming experience.

The new DK Square System includes an inter-server battlefield, a PvP grading system, exclusive armors and a new PvP map, Abyss of Crespo. This means that Dekarons from all servers, regardless of level and personal connections, can meet each other at DK Square and experience massive PvP battle. GameHi approached this update like a casual game allowing users at any level to truly enjoy the system. Players can also increase their grade with "grade points" received from DK Square.

Further encouraging players to grow their characters by hunting down monsters (mobs) or while fighting in battle, The Trans Up Quest allows every player above LV131 to gain the right to TransUp and learn new skills by completing it. Additionally, the Land of the Dead is a new map offering everything but repetitive quests and "hack and slash". Rather users have to work in teams to clear missions. Battle events will take place during certain times of the day allowing players to meet and adventure with new powerful monsters with new weapons.

Dekaron 6.5: It's a Good Day to Die is being commemorated with several new events including:

• DK coin event (March 29 ~ April 29)

• DK class ranking event (March 29 ~ April 29)

• Support beginner / veteran Event (3/29~4/29)

• Cash-back event (March 29 ~ April 12)

Check here all you need to know about Dekaron/2moons.

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