Defiance Gameplay Commentary

Defiance - First Look - DE

We were finally able to find some time for trying (re-trying) Defiance, Trion Worlds’ shooter role-playing MMO that is coinciding with the TV show of the same name on SyFy channel which at the moment is preparing for the new season. Set in the near future where cataclysmic occurrences have apparently nearly levelled the Earth, this action-packed free-to-play sci fi game allows players to step into the shoes of Ark Hunters, some sort of armed scientist tasked with uncovering advanced technology.

When taking a first glimpse at the game, we explored and played through the initial tutorial zone in about 15 minutes, which provided us with a glance at the fundamentals of skill levelling, equipping loadouts and gear as well as combat, of course, in order to gear us up for the actual game. With a plethora of lore and content, there’s a lot on offer, making Defiance appear particularly promising. However, you shouldn’t simply believe what we’re telling but also check out our video and give the MMO a shot on your own!

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