DCUO DLC Pack “War of Light” Part I available

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SOE has released another DLC pack for DC Universe Online: War of Light Part I, the first installment of a trilogy, is now available as a free downlaod for the game’s Legendary members. Free and Premium players can purchase the expansion for $9.99.

Inspired by DC Comics’ vast Lantern lore, the new storyline of War of the Light revolves around intense multiplayer action taking place in a re-envisioned Metropolis as well as on nearby planets Mogo and Ranx. While the trilogy’s first part introduces the Blue Lantern Corps and gives access to Rage Powers and new Legends PvP characters, players can look forward to further Corps in futures DLCs.

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"Players are getting more than just a new storyline with this DLC. We transformed Metropolis for the War of the Light trilogy and created new, expandable environments and content – separate from the original – for players to explore," said Jens Andersen, Senior Creative Director for DC Universe Online. "In War of the Light Part I both heroes and villains can utilize Rage powers, a unique and challenging power set that offers a new tanking mechanic, adding yet another dimension to fights. It looks amazing and I’m looking forward to players mastering the Red Lantern-inspired power."

The newly introduced Rage Power draws its power from the Red Light of the Emotional Spectrum and can be utilised for either good or evil, giving hero and villain abilities a berserker style feel. Players may moreover earn new Lantern-inspired gear and get access to new Feats and collections. The agile Saint Walker and the violent Atrocitus also make the appearence in the game as new  Legends PvP Characters.

dcuo_scr_DLC9pt4_StrikeTeam_001 dcuo_scr_DLC9pt4_StrikeTeam_002

And all this is topped off with new 4-player and 8-player operations that will players lead to Downtown Metropolis and planets Mogo and Ranx where they must uncover the origin of the mysterious coloured mists that caused a new war of light. They will get help in their mission by Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner on the hero’s side, and Hank Henshaw and Sinestro on the villain’s side.

Source of information: SOE press release.

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