DC Universe Online has announced that Origin Crisis will arrive on May 14

Sony Online Entertainment, LLC has announced that Origin Crisis the seventh downloadable content pack of DC Universe Online will be officially released on May 14. However, Legendary members can enjoy an exclusive early-access starting from May 8 at 5 PM.

Origin Crisis is going to offer a fresh narrative with increased thrills and dangers full of high-level multiplayer and solo adventures. This new chapter will offer Heroes and Villains an array of adventures through new Raids and Operations asFuture Lex Luthor and Future Batman wage a war through time and the very fabric of reality. The two will muster their forces in an attempt to change foundational events in the lives of iconic characters and alter their futures. As the story unfolds, players will have access to an assortment of new multiplayer adventures and solo simulations.

In addition the MMOReviews team wants to inform you that we are going to start a new playthrough video series of DC Universe Online highlighting the new Quantum power set! Stay tuned! 

Source of information: ProSieben/SOE press release

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