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Sony Online Entertaintment has announced the next chapter in the history of DC Universe Online, which will be named War of the Light Part I. This expansion, the ninth of the game, begins a new story, introduces the Blue Lantern Corps, and adds a new new power set, Rage, a power set for tanks with a berserker style feel which can be utilized for both heroes and villains. This expansion also adds two new Legend PvP characters, Saint Walker and Atrocitus.

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War of the Light Part I is the first part of three upcoming downloadable content packs, which will focus on the different Lantern Corps. In this episode the Green, Yellow, Blue and Red Corps converged on Earth to find the entities they represent, which will result in a war of light in the heart of Metropolis, and in the living planets Mogo and Ranx. Players will need to join Hal Jordan or Sinestro to investigate the mysterious mists of colors that have descended upon Metropolis and are affecting the citizens' emotions.

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"Our first DLC introduced Light Powers and allowed players to feel the awesome abilities of the Power Rings employed by Hal Jordan and Sinestro in the pages of the comics," said Jens Andersen, Senior Creative Director for DC Universe Online. "With War of the Light Part I, we are adding another light power to the mix, this one fueled by the Red Light of Rage. Rage Powers will have a brand new tanking mechanic for players to master, adding a whole new strategy to group content."

"War of the Light Part I will let players explore new and reimagined environments in DCUO. They will notice changes to Metropolis, which has been affected by this new war of light, and for the first time they will journey to Mogo, the sentient Green Lantern Planet, and Ranx, the Sentient Sinestro Corp City. These environments play a big part in the storyline and we look forward to expanding each of them as the trilogy unfolds," Andersen continued.

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War of the Light Part I will include:

  • New Rage Power - The game's 12th Power Set is a product of red light of rage and can be utilized for both good and evil. Heroes and villains who wield the tank power will notice its abilities have a berserker style feel.

  • New 4-Player Operations - Unusual colored mists have appeared and caused a new war of light centered in Downtown Metropolis, Mogo and Ranx. With the help of friends, including Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner on the hero's side, and Hank Henshaw and Sinestro on the villain's side, players must uncover the origin of the mysterious mists.

  • New 8-Player Operation - The Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps clash while investigating the mists in this new raid that takes place on Mogo and Ranx.

  • New Legends PvP Characters - War of the Light Part I introduces two new Lanterns -- the violent Atrocitus and the agile Saint Walker.

  • New gear and collections.

Source of information: SOE press release.

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