Darkfall Unholy Wars is now available!

Aventurine S.A. has announced that its new sandbox, PvP MMORPG Darkfall Unholy Wars is now available!  The game combines real-time action and strategy in a fantasy setting and features the largest seamless and zone-less world of its kind, able to host upwards of ten thousand concurrent users per world, without instances or other designed roadblocks to player interaction.

In the bloodthirsty world of Agon players will form clans and battle for dominance. Players will recruit their friends and allies, engage in epic land and naval battles to conquer fortresses and clan cities, interacting with thousands of concurrent players.
We are very excited to see Darkfall Unholy Wars launching today. We hope that our players will enjoy the game for months and years to come and become the driving force in the game’s evolution.” – Zad Mehdawi – CEO, Aventurine

After five months of beta we are happy to launch Darkfall Unholy Wars. We are grateful to our playtesters for their contribution to the game and we’re happy to have them with us as players today. Darkfall Unholy Wars is the best combat MMORPG experience and our pledge is that it will continue evolving and pushing the PvP envelope.” – Tasos Flambouras, General Manager, Aventurine

Source of information: Aventurine press release.

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