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GAME TYPE: Free to play MMORPG
PLATFORMS: Web Browser


Dark Era is set in a tumultuous time where darkness is on the rise and players must take on the role as a hero to save the day, in classic Asian RPG form the game features lots of content focused on levelling up characters and improving their combat power through a range of mechanics, levelling, gear and other aspects of gameplay. Players need to download a mini-client from the games website, which opens a unique browser style window; graphically the game has some impressive 3D graphics where players can control the camera angle and zoom level. Completely free to play the game has strong elements of story, PVE and PVP and caters to all types of players.


- 3 Playable classes
- Story focused content
- Impressive graphics
- PVE focused content
- Earn rare items and gear
- Fight in Player versus Player battles
- Combat automation
- Mini browser client gameplay
- Completely free to play


After the Evil-God Wars the Abyss Lord was defeated, but after the generations have passed his followers look to once more return him to the world, to do so evil Phantoms have headed back through time to plague heroic leaders of the past, the likes of Saladin, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc and others. As a chosen warrior it is your task to journey through time and space and seek out these Phantoms, hunt down the demons that plague these legends, and enlist them to your side to arm yourself with their most powerful artifacts in the hope that you can stop the demon lords return.


The game primarily focuses on traditional Asian inspired RPG mechanics, focusing heavily on automated systems, linear quest based content and unlocking various features to improve your characters power level and raise their Battle Rating. The game has a range of group and solo based content that caters to different level ranges, with new player and end game content reserved for the greatest challenges with the greatest rewards.


There are three classes in Dark Era:

Berserkers – melee based combatants these formidable fighters swing enormous swords and unleash brutal physical attacks using their overwhelming offensive stats and able to shrug off damage with their high defenses

Assassins – trading power for speed and precision, these warriors use agility to dodge in and out of battle with twin blades, striking at their enemies for high amount of focused damage, then evading attacks from their opponent

Mages – masters of the wild elements, these magicians have harnessed elemental powers and can wield them as devastating area attacks on the battlefield to disrupt and destroy their foes from a distance to account for their weak defenses


Many features exist as a way for players to actively increase their Battle Rating outside of completing quests and levelling up, such as increasing the strength of their Pets and Mounts to increase their own combat power, or improving Totems, God Skills and other components.


Many events in the game can only be accessed at set times each day, focusing players to gather at the same time online so that the events are well populated to bring the maximum amount of fun. These Events range from PVP team battles in the Icefire Fields where two rival camps spawn that players are assigned to and they must battle against each other to steal each other’s’ resources and return them to their base. Other Events focus on PVE content with Heroic Trials where players can test themselves against the iconic legends of each era, or fight huge Titan World Bosses where the players that deal the most damage are given lots of rewards.


The game is completely free to download and play, however players can spend real money to Recharge their account and gain VIP status, which brings with it a variety of perks such as boosts, extra resource income, and various other quality of life bonuses. There are three VIP statutes; Silver, Gold and the top tier Diamond, where the types of boosts you get are increased the higher your status.


Mini browser client download

Website: Dark Era

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