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Dark Age Wars

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Developed by Pixabit for internet browsers.


Dark Age Wars is a browser based MMO which features the dark Age of Middle Ages. At the start of Dark Age Wars your territory only consists of open farmland and abundant resources to gather. It is up to you to take charge of the power and resource given to you and build the ultimate empire.


As you govern the construction of your kingdom you will have the option of constructing new buildings. Building farms, lumber camps, mines and quarries will allow for your growth. You have the power to expand your empire.


There are three types of resources that are required to build buildings and units. Each plot of land on the map has a base hourly resource rate. The resource generation rate can be increased by building the appropriate resource buildings on their respective flags. Each building can additionally be upgraded to increase the resource generation rate. The 4 resources are food, iron, stone and wood.


The world map is the playing field of the game. There is one map per server and all players can be located on the map. Depending on how far the player's kingdom has progressed, a different icon representing the stage of development will appear. From the world map you are always to locate friends and enemies. From the world map you are also able to attack, trade, and message players.


Internet connection and Java.

Website: Dark Age Wars

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