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Developed by 9you for Windows.


Dance Online is a 3D rhythm based dancing game which plays like the mega hit Dance Dance Revolution. Play with a keyboard or a dance pad with thousands of players online in a various game modes and hundreds of songs. Use points earned in game to purchase clothing for your avatar, join a group, or participate in tournaments!


There are four lessons to follow: 'practice', 'double key practice', 'timing practice' and 'put it all together'. In this part, the graphics are rather dull; the 'teachers' appear to be talking, but their mouths hardly move. When you fail and need to take the lesson again, you are forced to hear the whole instruction again. After a few attempts this gets annoying, just like the teachers' voices.
When you have completed the lessons and mastered the basic skills, the real fun can begin.


Players start in the 'channel selection'-window, where they can choose the level they want to play ('beginner dance club' or 'advanced dance studio') and pick from a small variety of clubs with names like 'Club Ozone' (most popular), 'Club Focus' (moderately popular) or 'Club Voodoo' (usually empty).

When you have entered a club, you can see who's online in there and chat with other players. In the club are various rooms, started by players themselves. To join a competition, you can pick a room yourself or wait until you are invited. Some rooms are protected with a password only insiders know.

You can also start a room yourself; you are then the 'host' of that room. As a host, you are able to select dance mode (for example, 'boys vs. girls', 'muliplayer mode', or 'lovers river') and background (underwater, haunted house, football field). You can also select music, speed rate and difficulty.

As a host, you can also play single games in your room. This is very good practice for newbies who are fed up with the dance lessons or are not yet looking forward to battle against other players with much better skill.


All newbie avatars look the same. To give your avatar a more unique look, you need to buy clothes, accessories and hairstyles for it at the shop. You can pay these with the points you earned playing the game or with actual money, using a so-called Acclaim Coins-account. The purchased goods are stored in the avatars own room, where you can go to switch outfits. At the shop, you can also buy 'shout-outs': annoying text messages which pop up on the screen of every player.


After all these preparations, the actual dancing can start. When all the players in a room click the 'ready'-button, the host starts the round. The avatars suddenly find themselves located on the dancefloor. The music starts and the avatars start dancing. That is, when the accompanying player presses enough keys at the right time. When input is insufficient, the avatar apathetically stands still while the others are dancing.


CPU: Pentium III
Memory: 256MB
Video Card: Geforce 2 - 32MB
Audio: DirectX Compatible

Website: Dance! Online

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  1. 9195163

    DANCE! online seems to have been renamed to “music man” than shut down completely. the game no longer exists.

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