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Developed by Damoria GmbH for internet browsers.


Damoria is a browser-text based mmo which features Build, settle, trade - and govern over your empire! Experience a medieval world in which you build up your own village and settle adjoining lands.


This browser game will lure you into another world, one which you will not want to leave again.
Damoria is a mystical browser game scenario. A world in which everything happens in an orderly manner. Build your castle with all the trimmings: construction office, army training grounds and quarry.


Mine raw materials and finance the construction of other buildings. Put your army together and arm them with swords, catapults, bows and arrows. Here you will find everything your little conqueror heart desires.

The idyll is, however, only a facade. How could it be anything else; even here in Damoria, battles for power are raging. Everyone wants to have the biggest castle and kingdom.
Turn your castle into a stronghold, unconquerable for enemy attackers, because without your fortress, you are a sitting duck for your enemies. You can play this browser game right in your own Internet browser, without having to buy or install any software.

· Play right in your browser, no downloads necessary!

· Play in real time with thousands of other players

· Achieve glory and honor in different ways (trade, battle, etc.)


Internet connection and Java.

Website: Damoria

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