Crossfire: Europe has released two new multiplayer maps

Crossfire: Europe has released two new multiplayer maps “Venice” and “Mosque”. The new maps feature intense combat in an intricate layout of indoor and outdoor environments. To accompany the new maps, SG Interactive is celebrating the new content with in-game events that are sure to give new and veteran players alike a competitive edge.

The new content and events in Crossfire: Europe include:

- One Night in Venice: In the Venice map for the co-op survival Biohazard mode, the City of Water becomes a battleground as a small squad of Global Risk mercenaries walk into a biological warfare trap set by the evil Black List Corporation. Agents will have from dusk until dawn to repel the hordes of infected mutants, rescue survivors and move one step closer to learning the motivation behind Black List’s actions.

- The Emperor’s Tomb: Sharpshooters will have a field day in the new sniper-only team deathmatch and eliminate map, Mosque. Built over an Egyptian king’s burial ground, Global Risk and Black List are locked in a long-range duel for control of an ancient artifact.

- The Return of Bullet Bingo: Now through April 18, players will receive one bullet per every 300 experience points to shoot at the bingo board. By lining up five shots in a row, players will earn a random dedicated item.

- Venice and Mosque Launch Event: From April 4 – 18, anyone who plays on the new maps will receive 20 percent bonus experience and game points. Daily missions will be assigned to unlock additional gear and from April 6 – 8 and April 13 – 15, no deaths will be recorded on any server.

- Game Master Event: Play with or against Game Masters in Team Death Match now twice as much. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 8 to 8:30p.m. CEST, players will be able to reap additional rewards while running, gunning and fine tuning their skills with the GMs.

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