Crossfire: Europe has released a new deathmath map, Low Earth Orbit Station

SG Interactive has released a new deathmatch map for its MMOFPS Crossfire: Europe. The map named Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Station, adds another level of intensity by tweaking the gravity settings, allowing players to jump higher and stay in the air longer. The LEO Station is a virtual environment connected to every information network in the world of Crossfire: Europe, making it extremely powerful, but also dangerous. The rival mercenary factions are battling for control of the LEO, and squads of players from Global Risk and Black List must hack the system in an attempt to turn the tide in their ongoing war.

In addition to embarking on the new map, players will now also have an extensive list of new items to choose from including the one-handed dynamic reloading M37 Stakeout weapon and the distinctive ULP-X character, whose bonus attribute sets it apart from others.

To celebrate the release of this new map, the game is hosting numerous events:

- Play to Win: SG Interactive loves to reward its players with real prizes. Starting today and ending on Thursday, April 5, 10 weekly winners in the player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) modes will each receive ROCCAT gaming gear. At the end of the event period, the top player from each mode will take home a ROCCAT Gamerbook P501 PRO Laptop.
- LEO Station Lifts Off: Until Friday, March 23, SG Interactive will reward 100 randomly selected players with 10,000 RagePoints. All players also will receive 20 percent extra experience points and game points during the event period.
- No Death Record Event for All Servers: From March 23 to 27 and March 30 to April 3, go free reign and hone your skills worry-free. No death records will be recorded during this period and players will be able to maintain those impeccable kill/death ratios.

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