Cross Fire: new character and events

G4BOX Inc. has announced today a brand-new character for its popular military shooter, Cross Fire. In addition, the game will feature all-new maps, new weapons and two Mutation theme contests.

Maiden, the all-new character featured in Mutation Mode, available April 14th, will escalate the Mutant War to new heights! In honor of Maiden, two new maps will be introduced: the Excavation Map and the Complex Map. The Complex Map, available in Ghost Mode, will also play host to the finals of the March of Ghosts Clan Tournament taking place this month.

Two new contests will also begin in April; Mutation Theme Screenshot Contest beginning April 16th and a Mutation Theme Video Contest starting April 23rd. Additionally, six new weapons will be featured including a Micro Galil Scope, MSG90, M12s, Tar21, RPK Camo and M4A1 Silver.

"Cross Fire Players can expect to be fully immersed this month will all of these exciting updates and events," said Howard He, Chief Executive Officer of G4BOX. "And all of the new weapons and the new character add that much more excitement and variety to an already addictive game."

Check here all you need to know about Cross Fire.

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