Cross Fire has released a new content update titled, Royal Dragon

G4BOX Inc., has released a new update for its MMOFPS, Cross Fire. This free update, titled Royal Dragon brings some new mission system changes, new maps and a Limited Edition set of Royal Dragon weapons. In addition, Z8Games is hosting events throughout March, such as the Cross Fire Film Awards and a Ghost Mode tournament where players can win an exclusive Golden Katana weapon.

The new update will introduce three new Royal Dragon weapons which include the Mauser handgun, the Kukri knife and the Royal Dragon M4A1. Plus there will be a limited time black market crate featuring a spring colored XM8 weapon. Players will also be able to fight in the new Elimination map 'Terminal' and the Free-for-All map 'EagleEyes'. Furthermore, the update will make changes to the daily mission system, allowing players to purchase mission cards to set their own goals for the missions they enjoy doing. This can be accomplished in addition to the daily activities, and offer extra prizes and rewards.

Z8Games is hosting the Cross Fire Film Awards which will take place from March 16th onward. Participants can submit their YouTube videos of Cross Fire in one of six different categories for the chance to win exclusive prizes. Judging will take place after March 26th and the winners will be announced during the first week of April.

Clans will have the opportunity to participate in the March Ghost Mode tournament taking place on the Cross Fire Clan Servers from now until March 31st. Their wins will be counted and the top two clans will compete at the end of the month for a never before seen Gold Katana weapon. Additionally, ghost mode enthusiasts will have a chance to obtain an Event-Only ribbon for their player profiles for playing Ghost Mode throughout the month.

"We will continue to build the Cross Fire community by providing the best updates and events for our fans" said Jason Yang, CEO of G4Box. "We also look forward to watching them compete in our tournaments and showing off their creative talent in our Film Award competition."

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