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F2P MOBA Shooter






An adrenaline fuelled arena focused shooter where players can battle in teams across numerous game modes and players can earn XP to level up giving them access to new characters to take into battle. Completely free to play CroNix offers action packed combat and team focused strategic battles.


  • Thirteen characters to play as

  • 4 Different game modes: Raid, Survival , Domination and Brawl

  • Customize inventory loadouts in battle

  • Switch between your characters during fights

  • Exciting combo building moves

  • Completely free to play


At its core players will be engaged in battle in groups of 3v3, 5v5 or 7v7 depending on the game mode and fight alongside and against other players, or optionally fighting against AI bots, where each map and mode has its own objective. XP and in game currency is earned through battles and allows players to purchase new gear, Tonics consumables and new characters from the in game shop.


Players can fight through 4 different game modes:

  • Brawl – Fighting in 3 vs 3 team deatchmatches players must win the best of five matches to claim victory

  • Survival – Fighting in a 5 vs 5 battle players kill enemy opponents as well as trying to harvest resources to earn points, the first team to get to sixty point is the winner

  • Domination – Fighting in a 7 vs 7 battle the teams have three different points that they must try and capture and keep control of, acquiring points the longer that they hold them, a middle point supplies no points but can be capture to add a new respawn location to keep a team closer to the action

  • Raid – Fighting In a 5 vs 5 battle both of the teams must try to keep their harvester online, constantly losing power the first teams’ harvest to run out will lose the match, to keep power replenished players battle over a Power Cell that spawns in the middle of the map that can be used to heal up/resupply their team harvester


The game has thirteen characters available to players with an initial handful accessible the rest must be unlocked by gaining levels and currency, but each character falls under one of three roles in a team battle:

  • Tanker – a frontline defender capable of soaking up enemy damage due to their high health and defense rating to aid their teammates

  • Supporter – able to buff their companions making them stronger in a fight, or weakening their enemies with powerful debuffs, they gain assists from these abilities being present on an target when a kill is made

  • Assaulter – damage dealing combatants their explosive damage and quick burst attacks can quickly drop unsuspecting opponents if they are not careful


Some of the playable characters in CroNix are:

  • Chris – This martial arts fighter unleashes a tirade of kicks, punches and knees, putting them together in deadly and near unstoppable combos to brutalize his opponent

  • Liu Lian – Able to use her cloaking technology she is a deadly assassin that strikes her targets when hidden from them, able to disappear in plain sight unless someone can reveal her with a skill or Detect Tonic

  • Heabig – Equipped with a riot shield this heavy frontline defender provides himself and his allies cover as he pushes into team fights, able to knock enemies to the floor and savagely pummel them with his shield

  • Iron Fist – With both hands turned into independent weapons he is able to fire rockets and long range sniper shots at enemies or fire off a metal fist attached to a chain to knockdown nearby enemies


The games pace is slow and steady at times when it comes to moving across the map, slower mobility characters in particular have to be careful they are not caught out alone, however when opponents meet in battle all hell breaks loose as explosive combos and special skills are unleashed on the area. Each player character has five primary attacks that they can perform that used up their Action Point gauge, though this can be refreshed in battle using a Recovery maneuver, as well as a Special Skill to launch their ultimate ability.


  • Operating System: Win XP or higher

  • CPU: Dual 2.4 GHz

  • RAM: 2GB

  • Hard Drive Space: 3GB

  • Graphics: Radeon HD 3600 or GeForce 9600

Website: CroNix Online

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