“Create your own Lunia character” contest

For the first time since its North American release, Lunia, is allowing users to design and create from the ground up a new character for the game with their “Create your own Lunia Character” contest.

Players are asked to create and design a new character to be introduced into Lunia.  The winning character will join the ranks of Gaon, a character created from a player located out in South Korea through a similar contest.  Gaon will be released in Lunia as a playable character later this year (October 2010).

Users can submit their character designs, through October 4, for the chance to see their own creations come to life as a real, playable in-game character.  You have to post your submission on a provided forum thread titled: “post your character creation here”. Decisions for the winning selections will be based on how it fits with not only the current Lunia line-up of characters but the overall game as well.  Only one submission will be turned into a character, and players can expect to see this character available in Lunia early next year.

Check here all you need to know about Lunia. And visit its official website.

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