Craft of Gods: new screenshots

Just a few days before the start of their next Open Beta event, Kalicanthus Entertainment has unveiled some brand new screenshots for its 3D Fantasy MMORPG Craft of Gods to give players a first taste of some great new features which have been recently implemented in the game. During next Open Beta Event running from April 29th 2:30 PM CET till May 6th 2:30 PM CET players will enjoy a totally revamped interface and new close combat animations. There will be additional dungeons to explore as well as many more significant improvements and changes which the developers made in response to the feedback received from previous beta testing so far.

The world of Craft of Gods is planned to go live on May 27th. The game can be already pre-ordered on the official website, including 3 special bonuses: a unique mount, a special cloak and epic weapon.




Check here all you need to know about Craft of Gods. And visit its official website.

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