Content update for Trickster Online

Ntreev USA announced today it will launch its newest content update for its fantasy MMORPG, Trickster Online: The Wedding System. Beginning June 17th, characters who have met in Caballa Island can now be wed and show their everlasting love for each other!

Players level 30 and up can participate in the Wedding System by first heading to the Event Garden and speaking with Kyu to register as a couple. Once registered, the couples can start partying together, sending memos to each other and sending gifts. During this event players will also receive status updates and advice on their relationship every day! The more things players do as a couple, the faster their love stats will increase. Once they have met the required levels, they will be allowed to get married and start the wedding preparations. Players will participate in a series of quests that will help them prepare for the wedding. Once the wedding preparations are complete, the couple can pick their title, dress, tuxedo, rings and also reserve the wedding hall they want and invite their friends to come join in the ceremony. After the wedding is over, players will be able use a newfound ability to teleport to wherever their new spouse is located. An additional benefit is that obtaining a wedding ring will offer new skills to the couples.

"The wedding system is a unique addition to the game," said Chris Lee CEO of Ntreev USA. "With this new update, players will have the opportunity to use these features to further their game experience as a couple."

With the launch of the wedding system, Ntreev is also holding a Wedding Screenshot Forum Event. Starting today through July 14, 2010 players can post screenshots they have taken in one of the wedding halls (Megalo Hall or Caballa Hall) showing all of the friends who joined in their wedding, and Ntreev will pick the best 5 screenshots. The winners will each be awarded 3 Gacha Coins and an Exclusive Wedding Illustration Poster signed by the game GMs.

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