Content Update for Cabal Online: Return of the Guardians

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ESTsoft Inc. has just announced the latest content update, Return of the Guardians, for their free-to-play MMORPG Cabal Online, which is scheduled for launch on February 6 to bring a variety of brand-new features to the game.

Return of the Guardians will introduce all-new PvP systems that will expand competitive possibilities and encourage increased intensity in combat. Mission War will receive a new "Guild Ranking System" allowing guild to represent their nation in a merciless competition for recognition and glory to win influence on the world outside of PVP combat.

The update moreover adds a new equipment type, effectors, which will grant the opportunity to alter existing skills to suit different styles of play. This way, players gain even deeper character customisation options. They may also take advantage of multiple core improvements, such as a better access to the upgrade system thanks to additional components as well as newly added features and bonuses to the buddy system.

And finally players can look forward to explore the mysterious Forbidden Island that will present even seasoned dungeon explorers with unprecedented challenges.

Source of information: ESTsoft press release.

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