Conquer Online: Legends Return in April

Conquer Online, TQ Digital's world renowned Kung Fu themed MMORPG, is set to kick up a frenzy in 2010 with it's third official expansion, “Legends Return”, due for release in conjunction with the game's 7th anniversary birthday this April. The 1st Chapter of Legends Return is scheduled to hit CO this April.

Following the New Dynasty (2008) and Riding Clans (2009) expansions, "Legends Return" is being billed as a special present for Conquer Online's loyal playing community, bringing a plethora of major new features and improvements that were requested during the games 2010 New Year’s Resolutions event, which allowed users to put forward their game related wants-and-suggestions in a classic new years resolution format.

This thrilling content will be released in 3 exciting chapters throughout 2010, beginning with the first chapter in April and lasting until the final chapter is introduced at the end of the year.

In Chapter 1, the first release of the Legends Return expansion, the Shadow of Darkness will throw players into an age of chaos and destruction. An ancient legend has told of special sub-classes that will be recovered when evil befalls the land, and now that prophecy has been fulfilled. New skills and fabled weapons were recently unearthed by thieves, but their blind lust for gold has seen them unwittingly help an incredibly powerful, unspeakably evil demon rise from the very pits of hell.

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