Conquer Online: Legends Return, Artifact & Weapon Accessory

Legends Return, the 3rd expansion of TQ Digital's Kung-Fu themed MMORPG Conquer Online, is set for release at the end of April, 2010. The whole expansion is divided into 3 seasons, with the 1st season, the Shadow of Darkness, set to bring players thrilling new features! This beginning will include the Sub-Class System, new dungeons, a new gear system, and new quests!

The upcoming new gear system will introduce 2 new concepts to Conquer Online: the Artifact and the Weapon Accessory. Apart from the Sub-Classes, the ancient heroes have left their offspring with another rare treasure, the Dragon Souls, to use in the fight against the ultimate evil. Utilizing the fragments of a Dragon Soul, players can purify their current gear, converting them into Artifacts with incredible elemental powers! There are various types of Dragon Souls which can be acquired from bosses scattered in the world of Conquer, or the Terato Dragon, the powerful puppet of the Demon Overlord.


To purify different types of gear, the corresponding types of Dragon Souls are required. Moreover, the Terato Dragon would have a chance to drop high-phase Dragon Souls, which will not only provide greater bonus effects, but also grant some magnificent visual effects for your gear.

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