Conquer Online: Horse Racing Tournament mode

TQ Digital add innovative new gameplay content with the introduction of a daily Horse Racing Tournament into its MMORPG, Conquer Online. Players of the free-to-play MMO, Conquer Online can now develop their characters by entering into daily horse racing tournaments to earn in-game bonuses. Compete against other players and non-play characters (NPC's) for bragging rights, as well as the chance to claim precious in-game points and rare bonus content throughout each race.

Leave other competitors in the horse race trailing in your wake by collecting exciting potions for a speed boost, halt others progress with a sluggish potion or for the ultimate distraction, blip them on the head with a dizzy hammer. Items you collect with a question mark hovering above them offer a random value – either positive or negative. Pay heed to the Chinese proverb, “fortune favors the brave” and ride your steed to glory, making sure you cross the finishing post as quick as you can.

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Points will be awarded to the top 100 placed horses. These points can then be traded for refinery packs at the Arena Honor Store. Refinery items enhance a characters attributes and equipment.

There are ten daily horse races with the days program starting at 15.30. A new race will start every two hours, finishing at 23:30. To enter a race players need to navigate to or use the Teleporter and head for the Horse Race Manager via the in-game map. Players need to register 10 minutes prior to each new race, and make sure they are in possession of a steed and have achieved mount skills.

Players can customize their steed via the in-game shopping mall with its revamped, slick category interface. And for a limited time only, players should take advantage of a special promotion on Steeds . There are a number of special Steed Packs promising special extra items and accessories, which can be bought at a discounted rate through in-game currency, Conquer Points (CP).

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