Conquer Online has announced its new expansion Age of Jianghu

TQ Digital has just announced Age of Jianghu, a new expansion for Conquer Online, which is going to be launched in June. In this new expansion a new open world PvP gameplay will be added, which encourages players to challenge opponents of similar strength. In this battles players can also upgrade their status in Jiang Hu, and gather spiritual energy to use it to enhance their own inner strength training

In addition players will be able to create their own Kung Fu. This means, instead of learning the preset skills, players will be able to create their own skills.


"According to the legends, inner strength was first obtained by Chi You, a powerful but cruel clan leader in ancient China, in his war to conquer nine tribes. He stole the ancient teachings of these tribes, becoming the most powerful warrior the land had seen, and was worshiped as the God of War. There were 9 forms of power that Chi You gathered: Principle, Braveness, Filial Piety, Kindheartedness, Loyalty, Faith, Wisdom, and Endurance, each representing a rule of power in life. When one truly understands one of these beliefs, they will gain inner strength from that force."

Source of information: TQ Digital press release


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