Conquer Online 9th anniversary luxury packs Giveaway

Thanks to Netdragon we are celebrating the Conquer Online's 9th anniversary, and we are giving away 2000 luxury gifts packs. Follow the instructions to get yours.

The gift pack contains below items:
1. Upgrade Pack: 2 EXP Potions every 5 levels, 2 EXP Balls every 10 levels and a Praying Stone every 20 levels for level 15 to level 120.
2. Super Equipment Pack: Steed+2 and a set of +2 Weapons (Weapon, Headgare, Necklace, Boots and Rings)
3. Fortune Pack: 20 CPs every day lasts for 30 days. You can use CPs to purchase items in Shopping Mall and VIP Store.
4. Dragon Valor Pack: 1 Riding Crop, 1 Garment, 1 Mount Armor, 1 Weapon Accessory, 1 Dragon Soul and 1 Refinery Material.

Step 1. Follow us on Facebook.
Step 2. Add your email in the field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.
Step 3. Sign up for free on here.
Step 4. Download the game and then login to create a new character
Step 5: Come back to our Event Page here, input the gift pack code that you get from our media partners, confirm the group and server information in the Confirm Info pop up window
Step 6: Login to the game and grab the gift packs from the Prize Officer (Market 185, 170). You can easily open up the “Path Finding” menu, choose “Others” and then click on the “Prize Officer”, the auto path system will lead you there automatically.

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  1. joel

    hi good day

  2. Madkitty

    Why do you not allow Uglyduckling to be a part of any special you guys have going? Its not fair 🙁

  3. steve

    where the hell do i put this code in??

  4. mems

    Auto Wrong Sireal Number Why ??

  5. quick

    whi ididnt get any code, i visit my email and click the link given to me and it says that “SORRY, ONLY ONE KEY FOR IP” .. i didnt have the code yet.. plss help

  6. ABDO


  7. ABDO


  8. lander

    only works when u create a new character

  9. cozmyn

    i did everything, but when i go to prize manager says i have no prize, its a new account

  10. gadou

    i haven’t got my key

    please return it

  11. admin

    Hi Gadou , we add 1500 more please take one please

  12. admin

    Hi Quick please try to take one for other internet conection please

  13. mohamedamr


  14. kareem


  15. harypoter2


  16. sad girl

    where i have to put the code?

  17. ahmeedqwe


  18. ahmeedqwe0


  19. kishk

    i need Serial NO:

  20. bolbol


  21. ahmed


  22. wessam22222


  23. ali

    i didint take my Key Yet it Say Key’s 0

  24. eluota14

    amer alazab

  25. elquota14

    eslam amer

  26. Medo

    “Add your email in the field below the image of the promo and check your email account and follow the instructions.” << MORE CODES PLEASE 🙁
    and put the field back :((

  27. Rombo8100


  28. kimo8100

    thx for this

  29. admin

    Hi Medo you have more codes now!!!

  30. moamnmorad


  31. moamnmorad2012


  32. moamnmorad2012

    moamen morad2012

  33. moamnmorad2012


  34. mohamed

    Ineed 1000000000000000000000000000000 DB And ESatf +1222222222
    PLeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas my Name 0king0mohamed0 Sever Scropio

  35. abdo

    where can i get my serial number?

  36. amer20143


  37. mejestic

    i can’t get key

  38. Conquer


  39. Conquer2015

    i can’t get key

  40. esmeil2012


  41. mohamed

    please please i want correct serial number because it says for me (Invalid Serial Numver) please help mr about that

  42. AHMED200017


  43. ahmed

    الموقع جربتو فى كل النت اللى عندنا فى الشرابية مش عاوز يفتح قولولى اعمل اية

  44. medoo

    ms ayaz ysagal

  45. medoo


  46. ro2a

    hi Admin i cant get a key
    plz help me

  47. wael


  48. nony

    i can’t get key

  49. medoo


  50. medoo

    مش عايز يسجل يا جدعان اعمل اية

  51. medoo


  52. admin

    you have 2000 codes more!!!!

  53. medo

    ana 3yaz code ples

  54. medo

    ples admin

  55. mohbhgfdsa


  56. Mostafa

    i dunno why its not working in CO site always say invalid Serial Number i dunno what to do

  57. amer20143


  58. max200510


  59. ro2a

    thanxs Admin Love u awy 🙂 🙂

  60. wwed

    يا جماعة انا مش عارف اجيب الكود اعمل ايةةةةةةةةةةةة كتبت الياهوو وكل حاجة وبيقوللي اتبعت ومجاليش حاجة

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  62. SunShineXXX

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    ياجامعة الحصان مش فرى

  69. ناصر مصطفى فوزى حسنيت


  70. Mahmoud

    انا بداني اتفقعت فين السيرال #09

  71. ahmed

    hi انا هملت الباجا وجمدا جدا

  72. mkoo90

  73. شريف

  74. manomohab

    يعنى اة الوب سيت

  75. mohmed

    ana frendes npcy akoon fol blass 12 on conper onlen
    tyx bbbb

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  78. Conqer.20

    خلاص خلصت 😀

  79. peterrade

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  83. ahmed

    i Can,T Gave Me a key

  84. Bedo

    admin i ddnt have me key please we need more codes

  85. Bedo

    please we need more key because i didnt get my key

  86. mahmoud

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    iam in Net Cafe all the the player here Got Ban one day WTF or wh at Stupid Masters PQ Will down we Will Leave This Fuckiing GAME Fucking GM’s Fuck U _(_ And That from my Friend’s _____________1111111_________ __

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  91. joka2111

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    Conquer Online 9th anniversary luxury packs Giveaway

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  113. ahmed

    i need code pls admin pls pls pls pls i need it

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  127. !MedoXp!


  128. !MedoXp!

    fen el cps ya brines

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