Conquer Online: 7th anniversary

TQ Digital are looking to make 2010 'the year of Conquer Online, thanks to their renowned MMORPG hitting an incredible 7th anniversary milestone.

Since it's 2003 début, the world recognised Conquer Online has charmed millions of players with it's vivid traditional Chinese art, immersive player-versus-player gameplay and unrivalled community involvement.
From the humble beginnings of 1,500 users during Conquer Online's OBT phase in 2003, players of the high-kicking MMO have been on a long, fulfilling journey, shaping the game's world and playing experience through community fuelled expansions and events. Thanks to an active and dedicated team working on the game, more than 65 servers had to be opened between 2004-2006, amounting to an incredible 60'000 online players at any given time.

Once Conquer Online was made available in multiple languages, with success attributable to the incredible growth of dedicated Spanish and French versions released in 2005, the game quickly became a world recognised brand.  2006's release of Conquer Online 2.0 guaranteed it's seat on the free-to-play MMO throne, and free expansions, such as The New Dynasty: Ninja Class (2008) and Riding Clans (2009), only furthered Conquer Online's mass-appeal.

Now, heading into a remarkable 7th year, the legendary game is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Arabic (and more), has millions of active players and is still growing daily.
Conquer Online even has a special "Classic CO" server for it's veteran players, which serves up the original flavour of Conquer Online 1.0 for those who want to explore the roots of a successful MMORPG title.

Check here all you need to know about Conquer Online. And visit its official website.

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