Conan Exiles Launching on Xbox One on August 16

As the same time that the new free expansion, "The Frozen North", launches on August 16, Conan Exiles will be available on Xbox One through the Xbox One Game Preview program. Additionally, the expansion will be available on both PC and Xbox One on the same day.

Funcom has just released a new video in which Creative Director Joel Bylos talks about the new expansion. You can watch it below.

The Frozen North will add completely new regions (70% more landmass), a new climate and weather system, new gameplay mechanics such as beekeeping or brewing to create alcohol, a new god, new dungeons, new animals and new enemies.

“This expansion update does not just mean more content and more features,” says Creative Director Joel Bylos. “The team has also worked extremely hard to make sure this release brings with it significant improvements to core aspects of the game such as combat, artificial intelligence, and more. These improvements, in addition to the twenty-eight updates we have already introduced to the game over its six months in PC Early Access, mean this version of Conan Exiles is bigger, and even more importantly, better than ever before.”

Watch the video:


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