Combat Arms has announced the “Spiders vs Scorpion” event

Nexon America’s MMOFPS Combat Arms is preparing to open the “Spiders vs Scorpion” event in mid-June. This event splits the entire player base of the game, more than six million registered users, into two factions, fighting through four rounds in hopes earning rewards and bragging rights as “Combat Arms’” the top guns.

The factions each have their own story and motivation for going to war. The Spiders are known for their stealth, use of technology and strategy and deliver lethal attacks with cold calculation. Meanwhile, the Scorpions are hard-bitten solders who believe in settling matters with a hard-word and a high caliber gun.

The event will kick off on June 16 and consist of four week-long rounds with a showdown weekend in July if both factions are tied in victories through the four rounds. Winners of the rounds will be determined by which faction scores highest for the round. Rewards will be given for all participants, but the best will go to the faction that wins individual rounds and the overall event.

This is a huge event for fans of online FPS’ fans in North America,” said Nexon America’s “Combat Arms” producer Christina Lee. “We have the most guns, a huge player base and a wide variety of game modes and maps for players to commit to all-out war. We’ll have some great prizes for the winners, but the best prize will be bragging rights.

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