Combat Arms: madness server

To help celebrate the popular American pastime of college basketball tournaments, Combat Arms will honor the millions of college basketball fans with its very own “Madness Server,” as well as offering up NX for the World Online Gaming League’s first “Death March” Clan Tournament, which features 1.7 million NX in prizes up for grabs. Both community-driven events highlight the competitive nature and fast, furious fun found Nexon America’s popular multiplayer online first-person shooter.

The Madness Server opened today and runs to April 5, offering channels dedicated to each scheduled college basketball game. To choose a side, look at how each team is listed on the Web site. Teams listed first and in red, will be players on the Alpha team. Teams listed second and in blue, will be the Bravo team. For example, if Syracuse is your school of choice, you would look for the channel labeled, “Syracuse vs. Vermont,” enter and start playing on the Alpha team. Each round of basketball games will bring new channels.

To support your favorite college basketball team, find it on the schedule and fight in their name. The schedule started today with eight Thursday games and is available on the Combat Arms Web site here.

WOGL selected among its best and brightest soldiers to participate in the Death March Clan Tournament, which is comprised of 16 teams and over 80 soldiers. First-round matches will be on Friday, March 26, and the tournament concludes on Saturday, March 27. The tournament will be single-elimination, best two out of three matches. Nexon America has authorized up to 1.7 million NX to be awarded to the participants with 50,000 NX as a bounty for each member of the championship team. Clans will play Elimination Pro with friendly fire on and all weapons allowed but with only one designated sniper per game.

Check here all you need to know about Combat Arms. And visit its official website.

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