Combat Arms: first look at the new map, Short Fuse

Nexon America continues to add exciting content to its popular multiplayer online first-person shooter, Combat Arms. This new video offers an exclusive fly-over look at the game’s 18th map, “Short Fuse,” which is scheduled to be added to the game later this month.

“Short Fuse” is located on the site of an anti-government uprising by local insurgents who have seized a research facility on the outskirts of the city. The destruction of this particular group is the highest priority because the facility offered access to top secret, cutting edge military equipment, information and technology. Special forces were dispatched to quickly and quietly annihilate the research facility and all those who occupy it. You can see the new video of Short Fuse through our youtube channel right here.

Players will find the following game modes on Short Fuse:
• Capture the Flag
• Elimination
• Elimination Pro
• Last Man Standing
• One Man Army
• Search and Destroy
• Spy Hunt

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