Combat Arms: exclusive update for Europe

Combat Arms Europe today reveals its eagerly awaited Short Fuse map, along with a series of updates and in-game events, including Short Fuse Madness and Veterans Choice.

The new “Short Fuse” map shows the research facility on the outskirts of the city where an anti-government uprising by local insurgents is taking place. The destruction of this particular group is of highest priority for the user because the facility offers access to top secret, cutting edge military equipment, information and technology. In the game Special Forces are dispatched to quickly and quietly annihilate the research facility and all those who occupy it. Players must keep an eye out for hostile resistance as they try to attempt to infiltrate the facility and neutralize the rebels.

In celebration of the Short Fuse map launch, Combat Arms is also offering an exciting event with “Short Fuse Madness”. This event will reward players based on the number of play counts and kills they achieve each and every day. Plus for users that demand a more skill-based competition, there’s also a reward category based on the points gained from Search & Destroy Mode. Don’t forget that these rules apply to those solider playing in Short Fuse.

Combat Arms is also offering a very special chance for those hard-core veteran FPS players to share their knowledge and experience on sub-machine guns they’ve used in the game by rating them as the “Veteran’s Choice”. Users are invited to place reviews and comments on their favourite weapons in exchange for in-game rewards, while veterans who have been chosen for the best review pieces will be rewarded with the weapon of their choice.

To top all of this off there’s also the “German Gun Cash-back” event where soldiers can purchase one of the five designated weapons which use Germany’s finest craftsmanship. And for a limited period, Combat Arms’ Black Market is offering additional Gear Points when one of these key items is bought. The sale of these GP added weapons is joined by a new Specialist item, the Specialist Backpack License. Now Specialists can gear up with more than one primary weapon in combat, which increases the tactical use of Specialists in combat.

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With all of these updates and events this month, players can expect to be kept busy as they immerse themselves in one of the fastest growing games that NEXON Europe has to offer.

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